The Thematic Network POSCON - Positive Online Content and Services for Children in Europe - brings together institutions, organizations and companies from all over Europe to exchange experience and bring forward the topic of "positive online content and services for children" on European level, on the basis of previous initiatives, experiences and efforts.

Positive Online Content Campaign 25-29/9/17

Making sure that children have access to high-quality positive online experiences from an early age can assist and empower them to become active and participatory citizens: this is the rationale and background for the European-wide Positive Online Content Campaign, organized by the Insafe network from 25-29 September 2017. This Awareness Week builds on the results and outcomes of the POSCON network, e.g. with an updated checklist for positive online content.

More information: www.betterinternetforkids.eu/web/positiveonlinecontent/home, and under #positivecontent.

POSCON Publications


The Final POSCON Report with all project information, project outcomes as well as statements from the POSCON Network Members is from now on available as free download.

PDF-Dokument [5.9 MB]

Updated "Checklist & Concrete Criteria For Positive Content"

The new version of the POSCON publication "Checklist and concrete criteria for positive content", updated with a new chapter "Towards Accessibility of Online Content and Services for Everyone" is from now on available as free download.

Checklist&Concrete Criteria For Positive Content
PDF-Dokument [1.8 MB]

Positive Digital Content for Kids - Experts reveal their secrets - a rich and colourful publication on how to make positive online content with various interviews and statements from experts as well as several best practice examples from all over Europe available as free download:

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