With more and more children being online at a young age, concepts and ways to accompany and support them in their first and further steps on the internet are needed more than ever. One important keyword here is "positive content" where children can easily and safely enjoy the internet and mobile devices. This issue has been addressed on several levels before. Firstly on the national level, with initiatives bringing forward the production and promotion of positive content. Secondly, on the European level e.g. with the EC focus group on positive content, the European Award for Positive Online Content and sessions at the EC's Safer Internet Forum dedicated to the topic.

The Network

The Thematic Network POSCON aims to make a substantial contribution to the topic of child online safety on the European level. It brings together players and stakeholders in the field for the first time enabling them to exchange expertise, concepts and content in a way that has not taken place up to now.


The network will provide concrete recommendations for content providers throughout Europe and thus contribute to an enhanced landscape of positive online content for children. It will furthermore provide a unique repository of the European landscape of positive content, an important basis for further whitelists, children's browsers and search engines for children. This will offer wide-ranging opportunities as a sustainable, extendable and open-access tool for diverse future utilisation.

Expected results

  • Check list and concrete criteria for positive content
  • List of measures for promoting the topic of positive content throughout Europe
  • Recommendations for promoting positive content
  • Checklist and recommendations for content providers on how to create online content accessible for children with disabilities
  • Summary of existing and potential business models for positive content
  • Overview over possibilities, chances and challenges to promote positive content for children in the internet
  • List of measures and summary of recommendations for content providers, parents, children etc. to help making the internet a better place for children
  • Overview of the market for positive content and services in Europe
  • Proposals, in cooperation with INSAFE, for continuation of the European-wide competition, based on experience from the pilot phase

Promoting Positive Content

Also, POSCON will raise awareness of this topic among producers, providers, stakeholders and parents. Ideally it will lay the foundation for further projects which will establish the topic of positive content even more intensively on the national as well as the transnational level. In particular, the thematic network will ideally be able to contribute to further opportunities and developments as well as offer new approaches for the future work and focus of the Safer Internet Programme of the European Commission.

The project started in October 2012 and runs until November 2014.

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