Business and Promotion Models

Looking at the positive content and services landscape throughout Europe two major challenges for providers and producers arise: financing and promoting their content and services. This applies to already existing content and service which are meant to be maintained, grow and evolve, but especially the financing aspect is most relevant to providers and producers who want to develop and build up something new and thus consequently will strengthen the positive content and services landscape even more.


Identifying and evaluating the European positive content and services landscape for children has shown that in general providers and producers are struggling in financing and funding their services and/or ideas. From what we have learnt from our intense research, so far there is no successful overall business model guaranteeing sustainability for already existing content/services or enhancing chances of the development of more positive content and services for children.


The table of financing concepts gives an overview of the existing possibilities of financing, explains how they work, highlights advantages and disadvantages and gives advice on how to use them successfully. It is meant to

  • help understand what these categories can do for all kinds of producers and providers, how they can support them, and

  • show that every concept has advantages and disadvantages which have to be balanced carefully.

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