recommendations regarding improvement and success in funding and financing positive content and services for children

  1. Establish partnerships: Don’t do it alone!

    • Associations will help you to become more visible and to increase your leverage towards big players => you will be more successful.

    • Look out for possible partners, not only the most obvious ones. They can bring value in the fields of research, knowledge, content, publicity, network, design and much more. Possible collaboration partners can be for instance universities, museums, amusement parks, TV shows, national organisations for healthcare /food/traffic/technology etc. Search for partners that are interested in the same topic as you!

    • “If you can’t beat your competitors, join forces!” (the new reality)

  2. Be creative regarding financing methods: Try out new possibilities and be flexible in your set-up.

    • Partnerships with others can help to raise more money for a project or to share responsibilities and costs, e.g. when your partner comes from a specific area of expertise, e.g. a design school, university etc.

    • Look into crowd-sourcing. There is a lot of potential in funding or co-funding your project or parts of it, an event, a new addition etc. through an interested public in favour of your content/service.

    • Consider a flexible plan for a paying subscription for example; try making your content/service affordable for everyone.

    • Focus on positive PR effect for possible investors.

  3. Make use of offered expertise and support!

    • Consult publications, guidelines and checklists.

    • Look into advice and ideas concerning a most successful dissemination strategy.

  1. Develop a national strategy to promote the positive content production in your country.

    • Possibilities of public funding of positive content and services.

    • Create financial incentives for the industry to engage in producing positive content and service.

    • Recognition of the importance of a “better internet for children” approach.

    • Recognize and promote online content and services for children as investments in education and the economy.

  2. Assess and research the real needs regarding the digital development of content and services for children.

    • Find experts and developers who can address these needs in innovative ways.

    • Make it easier for producers/providers to access funding: reduce bureaucracy, ring-fence funds for the specific purpose of supporting the creation of positive content online.

    • Strengthen and support the network of creative producers.

  1. Support development of positive content and services.

    • Simplify processes and applications (e.g. funding).

    • Changing mindsets through research and evidence based practices.

    • Keep POSCON results alive and build on its work: disseminate guidelines and checklist, continue based on the achieved outcomes, e.g. the repository.

  2. Promote positive content and services on a European level.

    • Creation of European label for positive content (certification standard and ongoing monitoring of the use of the label).

    • European certification for apps and websites (funded on a European level), reviewing websites e.g. apple viewer, recognition using awards.

    • Promoting a common platform for exchange of relevant expertise, for common funding.

    • Establish platforms to support the development of European versions of websites and apps. A multinational target audience increases the profitability as well as offers better marketing resources for European content providers and producers.

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