European Award For Best Content For Kids

The European Award For Best Content For Kids is a competition organised jointly by the INSAFE Safer Internet Awareness network and the European Commission's Safer Internet Programme. The competition was organised for the second time in 2013, after a pilot competition that took place in 2010-2011 (Best Children’s Online Content European Award 2011).


The award aims at encouraging children and adults to create new and highlight already existing child-friendly, quality online content and will be realized in most EU member states and also in Iceland, Norway and Russia.

The Thematic Network POSCON was intensively involved in the preparations for the European Award For Best Content For Kids and has shaped the main features of the competition. Based on the experiences from the pilot phase and in co-operation with INSAFE, POSCON developed a proposal for the continuation of the European Award.

In the course of recent months, categories and criteria for this year´s European Award were developed on the basis of the previous competition, intensively discussed by INSAFE and POSCON and accordingly revised.

Also, guidelines for organizing the competition on national level were set up and provided, e.g. recommendations regarding how to select the national jury, how to promote the competition and how to choose the national winners.

The winners of the European Award for Best Content for Kids were awarded at a high-level event hosted by the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium on Safer Internet Day 2014.

The winners of the Best Content Award are:


1) Winners for Adult non-professionals category:

1st Prize: Iceland, entry name “PAXEL123.com”

2nd Prize: Hungary, entry name “Ludbriko”

3rd Prize: Belgium, entry name “Met Lucas op stap in het ziekenhuis”


2) Winners for Adult professionals category:

1st Prize: Czech Republic, entry name “Web a Webik Radia Junior”

2nd Prize: Portugal, entry name “Kookie – Centum Square”

3rd Prize: UK, entry name “Anti-social network video”


3) Winners for Young individuals or teams category:

1st Prize: Netherlands, entry name “Lifesplash”

2nd Prize: Poland, entry name “Ksiazki na czacie”

3rd Prize: Russia: entry name “блогобычногошкольника/ Blog”


4) Winners for School classes and youth groups category:

1st Prize: Poland, entry name “Instrukcja obslugi jezyka polskiego”

2nd Prize: Romania, entry name “Economic Star”

3rd Prize: Belgium, entry name “KIDSCAM”


For further information please visit www.bestcontentaward.eu

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