Towards a European Net for Children – the POSCON Repository

One of the main aims of POSCON was heading towards more positive content and services for children and also more “European versions” of positive content. As a first step towards this aim, the project provides a comprehensive overview of the market for positive content in Europe. The basis for the entries was the POSCON Checklist and Concrete Criteria for Positive Content and Services.

POSCON collected data about positive content in 28 European countries. The data collection went on from October 2013 until September 2014 and covered three different categories, as a result the repository includes about:

  • 1286 entries for services and websites like websites for information or games, web radios and TV, media sharing platforms, blogs or social networks for children

  • 383 entries for apps

  • 37 entries for gateways and platforms, such as children’s browsers, search engines, starting pages, whitelists

The data collection was organised via different methods. Three data entry forms were available online. The institutions addressed in the different countries were firstly the network members for those countries which are included in the POSCON network, and the Awareness Centres (organized in the INSAFE network) for the other countries. The data collection was not public, only experts were addressed and included.


A promising method was the integration of existing whitelists. The repository for websites got important input from the German search engine for children fragFINN.de and the browser MyBee in the Netherlands. Also, a list of recommended websites for children from Czech Republic was included, as well as for the repository for apps the data base “Apps für Kinder” from the Deutsche Jugendinstitut (DJI) and a collection of 104 apps and websites in the Netherlands was included. Furthermore the POSCON network was in close contact and cooperation with INSAFE about the entries of the European Award for Best Content for Kids – 279 applicable entries from the competition were included in the repository.

Beyond the number of websites and apps, which the repository provides, the POSCON network members studied “their” landscape of positive content and services. These country factsheets give a brief overview of the current situation and highlight some aspects like the framework and conditions in the different countries – the special situation, characteristics and best practices, existence of support programmes, cooperation with industry and specific challenges as far as this information was available.

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